We currently produce approximately 30,000 tons p.a. of card suitable for the manufacturing of textile cones, spiral and parallel wound cores and edge protectors.

The great flexibility of the continuous machine enables us to produce both single-ply and multiplayer paper.

This particular feature allows us to:

  • offer a wide range of grammages, from 180 g/m2 to 650 g/m2
  • create a white cover for card for sanitary purposes
  • manufacture Hi Tech cardboards with high Scott Bond Tester and mechanical resistance (burst) values
  • offer large quantities of grey card in line with recent market demands.
Our strategic choice to choose and maintain this niche sector of the card market, has led us to specialize in the cutting of reels, with a minimum cutting height of up to 60 mm.
The maximum external diameter of reel that can be produced is 160 cm, whilst the minimum measurement is 100 cm.