Productive Cycle

Cartiera Olona has a continuous line for the production of greyboard reels with a useful width of 2.60 meters with a production capacity of approximately 50 thousand tons per year.

Thanks to the high flexibility of the continuous machine we can produce single-jet paper and multi-layer paper without distinction.

This peculiar feature allows us to:

  • Have a high range of weights from 180 g/m2 to 700 g/m2
  • Form a white cover for hygienic market
  • Produce Hi-Tech greyboard with high Scott Bond Tester value and high mechanical resistance (Hi tech)
  • Supply, in line with recent market needs, greyboard with high volume indices (High Bulk)
  • Respond daily to customer needs with flexibility and dynamism


Choosing and maintaining, as a strategic solution, this niche in the cardboard sector, we have specialized in cutting reels, with a minimum cutting width of 60 mm.
The maximum external diameter is 160 cm, the minimum 120 cm.