Cartiera Olona respects the environment using only recycled raw materials. We carefully select and check the products of our suppliers. Our production cycle also utilizes a waste water purification plant.


Integrated Environmental Authorization

Certificazione di Gestione Forestale


Over the years, thanks to careful management, Cartiera Olona has constantly pursued a policy of technological innovation, allowing the production of greyboard according to the most up-to-date standards which, in addition to safeguarding the quality of the product, respect the laws that regulate the environment.

We pursue two objectives:
1) Avant-garde: We want to be at avant-garde to optimize production processes and use the best existing technology. We also select suppliers carefully to guarantee the highest quality of our products. This allows us to optimize the production process and offer our customers an updated and innovative product.

2) Energy saving: All our investments are for a “green” perspective. We seek energy savings with the aim of increasingly decreasing the environmental impact.